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1964 Ford Galaxie XL Convertible Top With A Plastic Window

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Factory style 2 piece top with a plastic/vinyl window with a zipper.

We offer it in the original Pinpoint vinyl and the upgraded Sunfast canvas.  

  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Guaranteed "Perfect Fit."
  • Made in the USA
  • No sewing or cutting required.
  • Seams are heat sealed from the inside and outside.  
  • Canvas top seams are sewn.
  • Vinyl/plastic windows are DOT rated.

Robbins tops are ready to install out of the box!

We are proud to offer Robbins convertible tops. Robbins has a worldwide reputation for quality workmanship and precision patterns.  They are committed to manufacturing high quality products which offer long term value to convertible owners.

Robbins uses only first quality top material and original style components. Combine that with the finest custom workmanship and you end you with long lasting top that fit correctly and look sharp.

Robbins has invested heavily in modern computer aided production equipment that produces pieces that are 100% accurate every time.  This means that the finished product is consistent and the installed fit is correct.

Robbins heat seals reinforcements for extra strength and that prevents side to side shrinkage.  Heat sealed reinforcements will not bubble or fail like most glued reinforcements and that means the useful life of the top is extended.  All stitching is uniform and bindings are supple and sew on easily without bunching around tight curves. 

Robbins tops are the preferred choice by professionals. 

We guarantee a 100% "Perfect Fit"

for your new Ford convertible top.




How easy is this top to install?

All manufacturers recommend professional installation but we have many customers who are confident enough to do the job with success. The one advantage to having a professional do the job is they are taking the responsibility for the outcome and your satisfaction. Professionals have the proper tools and experience on the first day of the job and will generally save time and money.

Our tops do not require cutting or sewing and will arrive ready for installation.

This top fits the 1964 Ford Galaxie convertibles.

  Pinpoint Vinyl
Click here to view larger image

Click here to view larger image

SKU: 6505/PC6505

  Pinpoint Vinyl

Pinpoint vinyl is also known as "single texture". The outside is a pinpoint vinyl and the underside is cloth. This convertible top has an excellent cost/performance benefit. Weatherability is excellent and highly durable. 

Regular Price: $799.00
 On Sale For: $529.00

  Sunfast Canvas
Click here to view larger image

Click here to view larger image

SKU: 6505/PC6505

Sunfast Canvas

The finest cloth top material available.  Sunfast is 100% acrylic Glen Raven surface cloth.  It has a pre-shrunk cotton backing.  It is engineered for high tensile and tear strength but the fabric stays soft, supple and color-fast.  Sunfast also resists fading and shrinking better than vinyl and does not stiffen up at lower temperatures.  Weatherability is superior and excellent durability and low temperature flexibility.

Regular Price: $1,099.00
 On Sale For: $899.00

SKU: 6505/PC6505


Pads come as a set. Order one pair per top. Convertible top pads attach to the frame between the convertible top material and the top frame. They lift the top material off the convertible top frame. Pads generally can be used through two convertible top installations unless they have been damaged - for example they have been cut, they have gotten wet, or are just very old.

Regular Price: $159.00
 On Sale For: $159.00

  1964 Ford Galaxie XL Convertible Top Boot
Click here to view larger image

Click here to view larger image

SKU: 6505/PC6505B231

1961-1962 Ford Galaxie Convertible Top Boot

Sierra Vinyl

The boot includes 36 installed snaps.

The boot covers the convertible top when the top is in the well.It is a nice finishing touch once the top is lowered and it also protects the well area from dust and dirt.

Regular Price: $399.00
 On Sale For: $369.00


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